Yacht Hire Agreement

6.1.1 If the charterer announces in writing to the owner his withdrawal from the charter at least two full calendar months before the start of the rental period, the advance payment will be lost, but the charterer will not be responsible for the amount of the balance of payments (and if these and / or the deposit or payment of fuel and accidental damages have already been paid, it and / or they will be refunded). If the owner re-leels the vessel for the charter period for at least the charter costs, half of the advance payment will be refunded. In such circumstances, the owner will use all reasonable efforts to re-injure the ship and will not unreasonably refuse to consent to the new charter, although charters that can reasonably be considered detrimental to the ship, reputation or schedule may be refused. * The use by him and his guests must not cause harassment or insult to anyone. * He and his guests must comply with the laws and regulations of each country in whose waters the yacht is to sail and enter under this Agreement. 5.10 The charterer shall limit the number of persons in his group to a number not exceeding the number of berths on the ship, unless previously agreed with the owner, this Agreement being subject to the condition that the part of the charterer does not exceed the number of seats on the ship authorized by the competent authority. 12: ACCIDENTS: The OWNER accepts that if, after delivery, the yacht suffers or is damaged by a machine failure or is damaged by fire, grounding, collision or other causes to prevent its use by the CHARTERER for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours or more, or if the yacht is lost or if the damage is so great, that the yacht cannot be, or is not repaired within twenty-four (24) hours, as none of this is caused by any action or delay of the CHARTERER, the CHARTERER has the right to terminate the charter. The OWNER will reimburse the CHARTERER from the moment of loss or damage in proportion to all charter costs. Maximum number of persons: The charterer may not exceed the maximum number of persons (without crew) specified in this Agreement at any time during the charter period to sleep and eat on board the yacht. When children are boarded, the charterer is fully responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment, and no crew member can be held responsible in any way for their safety, conduct or entertainment. 2. Consider your budget.

If you are considering a bareboat rental, make sure you have enough funds to pay the full rental fee and deposit in advance, as well as mandatory insurance premiums. And if you`re not qualified to pilot the ship, make sure you can afford to hire a qualified captain and crew. .

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