Supplementary Agreement For Extension Of Time

In an employment contract, you can modify both mandatory conditions (Part 2, 3, Article 57 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation) and additional conditions of the employment contract (Part 4.5 of Article 57 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation). In any case, you must conclude an amendment to the employment contract. Let us clarify what may apply to mandatory working conditions and what additional working conditions. The legislation defines a number of cases and situations in which it is necessary to fulfil a number of conditions and to take into account certain restrictions before drawing up an amendment to an employment contract. These situations are described in more detail in the Labour Code in the corresponding articles: 4. This amendment is concluded in two copies of the same legal force, one copy for each of the parties. In addition, in practice, many personnel managers simply forget to introduce a clause in the employment contract. In this case, such an agreement is deemed to be concluded for an indefinite period (Article 58 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation). As has already been said, it is possible to conclude an amendment for the presentation of the employment contract in a new edition. This is the only right option. Finally, labour law does not allow for the “renegotiating” of employment contracts. Here is an excerpt from such an endorsement that allows you to understand the algorithm of actions.

The employer often has to change the employment contract with the worker. There can be many reasons for this (for example. B a transfer to another position, a job or a change in salary conditions). .

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