Difc Employment Agreement

How can employers change existing employment contracts? An employer may dismiss an employee without notice and with immediate effect for a significant reason if the worker`s conduct justifies dismissal and a reasonable employer had terminated the relationship. Activities outside of work are only subject to disciplinary measures if the activities are related to the worker`s employment or have a significant impact on the worker. An employer may require a candidate to undergo additional medical tests at a clinic or hospital at the employer`s option and at the employer`s expense. The employer may make the job conditional on the candidate pass these tests. In accordance with Article 21, paragraph Records must be kept in English and at the employer`s head office in the free zone. They must be retained by the employer at least two years after the termination of the employment relationship. After advising the DIFC authority on the new DIFC Labour Law, Clyde & Co is well positioned to help employers prepare for its introduction.

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