Rbc Royal Bank Disclosures And Agreements

3 2 RBC Royal Bank Disclosures and Agreements relating to personal deposit accounts 3 A. DISCLOSURES INTRODUCTION This brochure contains details of our personal deposit accounts and related products and services, including functions, fees and policies, as well as our personal deposit account client agreement and customer card agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at any time: at any RBC Royal Bank branch or by phone at ROYAL 1-1 () or online under our personal deposit accounts are offered by the Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank Mortgage Corporation and the Royal Trust Corporation of Canada (in Quebec, The Royal Trust Company). Terms you should know These terms are used with special meanings in Part A. Information relating to this brochure, RBC Royal Bank publications and agreements relating to personal deposit accounts (the booklet). Please take care of them. 1. You or your means, anyone who has accepted the terms of the account set out in this brochure and who has submitted a standard signature. 2. We, we or our funds, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC or the Bank) if an account is at the Bank, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada or, in Quebec, The Royal Trust Company (Royal Trust Trust) when the account is opened to Royal Trust and Royal Bank Mortgage Corporation (RBMC) when an account is opened at RBMC. 3.

Account means any personal deposit account on your behalf with us. 4. Assisted Debit Transaction refers to a debit transaction made with the assistance of an RBC representative or representative that includes personal debit transactions at an RBC Royal Bank branch, debit transactions with the help of a telephone bank representative, and cheques drawn from your account. 5. ATM means automated cash register (bank) automaton. 6. Debit transaction means withdrawing funds from an account, such as a cash payment. B, an invoice or wire transfer, and includes an assisted debit transaction and a self-service electronic debit transaction. 7. The electronic/self-service transaction refers to a debit transaction; which is done without the assistance of an RBC representative, including debit transactions at RBC ATMs, online banking and mobile banking transactions, automated telephone banking (excluding the assistance of a telephone bank representative), debit transactions at non-RBC ATMs, debit transactions resulting from point-of-sale transactions (personal or online) and pre-authorized payments.

8. Overbooking fees are the fees we charge if you exceed the number of free debit transactions included in your account`s monthly fee. 9. Mobile Banking means access to certain services, features, features, content and information available through this link, provides details of the RBC online banking security guarantee provided by Royal Bank of Canada as part of its online banking services.

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