Care Agreement Child Safety

If you and your family are having difficulties, the department or a delegated Aboriginal agency can provide family support services. In some situations, you can use these services to keep your child at home. A child care contract cannot be renewed for more than 30 days unless the child has a case plan. Child Safety will consider an assessment agreement if they are satisfied that you and your child`s other parent are ready and able to work with them to meet your child`s interim protection needs during the exam. A care contract is an agreement between our service and the parents to place their child or young person with a registered guardian for a short period of time. Office of the Public Guardian is an independent body dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of children and youth in non-domestic care (family care, kinship care), home care, juvenile detention and other subsidized housing. They will help children care for children outside their homes and help them resolve disputes and complaints. Their lawyers can also assist children in child protection proceedings. The police can investigate an alleged offence, and the safety of children may investigate whether the child has been harmed or if there is a risk of alleged harm. A child care agreement is not an appropriate intervention in cases of security problems related to parental guardianship or if parents are concerned that the parents will know where and with whom the child is staying – see Chapter 5, 1.8 Assessment of the provision of placement information to parents. When a child care contract is used to place a child for consecutive months, an intervention with parental consent may not be the appropriate intervention and it is necessary to check whether the nature of the intervention is being reviewed to determine whether a child protection order is required. Child safety services may ask you to approve a child protection agreement if they have determined that your child needs protection.

If Child Safety reasonably believes that the alleged damage may include a child-related offence, it must provide the police with details of the alleged damage. This regardless of whether the child`s safety is suspect that the child needs protection. Other important people in the child`s life, such as family members, can also speak in court. A person who is important to the child`s life may be able to ask the court for permission to participate in the child`s trial. If you are a person who wants the court to be allowed to participate in child protection proceedings, seek legal advice on how to apply to the court. Doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, children`s lawyers with the Office of Public Guardian and family court staff are mandatory applicants. If you have reason to suspect that a child: the EFP agreement defines the best way to meet your child`s needs, the services and support that your child might need, and how long your child stays with the babysitter.

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